the MARKET PLACE / Booth details & Information


10' X 10' SPACE

No Pipe and Drape or Dividers
( Booths are Free-Standing )

6' x 2.5' space

Includes 1 Table and 2 Chairs
( All Storage Must Fit Below the Table and Displays Must Fit Above the Table )


Your Space Includes 2 Weekend Badges to Cosplay America


Includes 1 Table and 2 Chairs
( Request Additional Chairs Upon Arrival )


$150 - $325 - Pricing is Based on Prime Locations / Space Size / Obstructions

Add-on tables

For Booths Only / Add-On for $20


ALL VENDORS, Please print and bring the signed contract to check-in at the market place



step 1 : vendor registration

Please register before choosing a space in the market place and payment. If you do not register we cannot guarantee you a space in the Market Place.



step 2 : Space selection and payment

Once you have completed your vendor registration, please look at the map below and choose a space to purchase. Booths may add additional tables to their order. Payment must be completed for a space to be reserved.