cowbutt crunchies


Motorized Wings

Back by popular demand! What goes into making costume wings expand and retract? Regan of Cowbutt Crunchies shows off the possibilities and limitations of integrating electronic motors, and walks through the start to finish steps of constructing an articulated wing set.

Like the Official, but Different!

What do you do if you like a character but want to add your own twist? Regan of Cowbutt Crunchies discusses the basics of silhouettes, building a take on a character, and editing existing concepts to make them your own.


Portfolio Feedback
Special Event

Looking to level up your craftsmanship skills? Reserve a slot for this 1-on-1 session and bring your costume portfolio for an in-depth craftsmanship review with Cowbutt Crunchies. Regan and Scone will review your cosplay for constructive feedback and make suggestions for future improvements For the most constructive session, please either wear your costume or bring high quality photos of the cosplay(s) being worn. Sign up for your 10-minute session at registration—slots are limited, so act now!


Thermoplastics Detailing

Thermoplastics are amazing for shaping a base, but how well do they work for applying details? Regan of Cowbutt Crunchies shows how different materials behave, including adding floral elements with fibra.

Crafting Corsetry Down to the Bone

Ever seen a corsetière in action? Scone of Cowbutt Crunchies will demonstrate the corset crafting process, showing elements of construction, measuring and applying boning, and the application of gromets.




Head Molds and Life Casting
Two-part Demonstration (Friday / Sunday)

So you want to craft a face-fitting mask or prosthetic, but growing an identical second head is a lot of work, so why not make one instead? In the first part of this demonstration, Jenny Barclay utilizes alginate to take a mold of a (consenting and well cared for) human head. In the second part of this demonstration, Jenny Barclay will use the mold created in the first part to create a life cast and discuss how to fix issues that may come up.

Halloween in July

Costumes are fun, but don’t let your crafty skills stop there! Jenny Barclay shares stories and tips you might want to considering when setting the mood for a truly scary haunted house. Jackie Carr will be assisting her again this year, waiting on details regarding additional hosting/materials needs.




Tanks! No, really, tanks!

Walking around on legs is so last Universal Century! UbersCosplay shows off his drivable tank, discusses the unique challenges and considerations that went into building it, and fanboys over Girls und Panzer a bit because we’re not going to stop a man in a tank once he has the mic.

Wear, Tear, and Battle Damage

That prop looks nice… a little TOO nice to have seen the passage of time or the trials of battle in gritty world. UbersCosplay demonstrates how you can utilize airbrushing, pastels, and heat tools on foam to weather and creatively damage your props.


Becoming the Gundam

Alert! All pilots to your mobile suits for immediate sortie! Watch as UbersCosplay dons a giant robot costume, then stick around for photo opportunities.


Know Your Materials: Sintra, EVA, and More

You’re making something cool, but what do you make it with and how do you robot on a budget? UbersCosplay discusses the pros and cons of different materials, where to find or buy them, how to work with them, and what tools you’ll need when forging your own armor and props.

How Do I Giant Robot?

Look, we can’t all just fall into a cockpit or steal our giant robots from poorly guarded space colonies… Some of us have to build our own giant robots! UbersCosplay shows us his process for designing wearable giant robot costumes.