What are Premium Workshops?

These workshops offer hands on learning with materials from expert cosplayers! Slots are limited, materials are provided, and take what you make home!

In order to both streamline the process and provide everyone an opportunity to attend at least one premium workshop, we’re introducing Workshop Tokens.

What are Workshop Tokens?

In order to participate in workshops, you will need to spend Workshop Tokens, which will be provided to attendees through pre-registration promotions or for purchase at registration. Some workshops will cost more tokens than others, with higher token costs corresponding to higher material costs. Everyone who pre-registers online will receive 1 Workshop Token. Additional tokens may be purchased online during your pre-registration or at the event for $5 per token.

Workshop Tokens will be provided when you pick up your badge. While you may use them to gain access to workshops, seating for any individual workshop will be limited, so please keep an eye out for more information on specific workshops and the processes for attending them.

Workshop Tokens may also be used when purchasing items at the Cosplay America table in the marketplace. Each Token will be worth $5 toward the cost of merchandise or other available items. They may not be used to purchase pre-registration for future conventions.

Workshop Tokens hold no monetary value, are not legal tender, cannot be redeemed for any currency or purpose beyond those specifically mentioned above, and will not be replaced or refunded if lost, damaged, or stolen. Due to space and availability, possession of Workshop Tokens does not guarantee access to specific workshops. Any tokens unused by the end of Cosplay America 2019 will be void, though by all means collect them, trade them, or use them as pogs if you remember what pogs are.

*All Workshops are Non-Refundable. Attendee is responsible for attending the workshop at the specified time and place

We will announce workshops information as it gets confirms.


Forging Excalibur

Back by popular request, UbersCosplay will walk you through assembling the Fate franchise’s legendary Excalibur. Trust us; this is way faster than standing around a lake and hoping for the best.

Let’s Assemble a Gunpla!

You’ve seen mecha model kits at conventions and in stores, but have you ever actually put one together? UbersCosplay provides an introduction to Gunpla model kits and walks you through assembling your first not-so-giant robot. Feel free to bring your own!

Pepakura Gundam Helmets

Pepakura is the process of using paper to create 3D models using patterns. UbersCosplay will walk you through using a paper pattern to make your own Gundam helmet.