What are Premium Workshops?


In order to both streamline the process and provide everyone an opportunity to attend at least one premium workshop, we’re introducing Workshop Tickets.

What are Workshop Tickets?

Workshop Tickets (a.k.a. Tokens) are used to attend premium workshops. Everyone who pre-registers online will receive 1 Workshop Ticket. Additional tickets may be purchased online during pre-registration or at the event for $5 per ticket. In order to participate in workshops, you will need to spend Workshop Tickets.

Some workshops will cost more tickets than others, with higher ticket costs corresponding to higher material costs. Your pre-purchased Workshop Tickets will be provided when you pick up your badge. While you may use them to gain access to workshops, seating for any individual workshop will be limited.

Workshop Tickets may also be used when purchasing items at the Cosplay America table in the marketplace. Each Ticket will be worth $5 toward the cost of merchandise or other available items. They may not be used to purchase pre-registration for future conventions.

Workshop Tickets hold no monetary value after purchase. They are not legal tender, cannot be redeemed for any currency or used for purposes beyond those specifically listed above. They will not be replaced or refunded if lost, damaged, or stolen. Due to space and availability, possession of Workshop Tickets does not guarantee access to specific workshops. Any tickets unused by the end of Cosplay America 2019 will be void.

More information on specific workshops and the processes for attending them will be updated as we get closer to the convention date.

*All Workshops are Non-Refundable. Attendee is responsible for attending the workshop at the specified time and place



cowbutt crunchies / regan


Shaping and Spiking Large Wigs

Sometimes your wig needs more than a quick spray and comb to match the complexity of your costume, but how do you create those extra large shapes? Regan of Cowbutt Crunchies walks you through the techniques needed to create sturdy, giant spikes and unusual shapes, including teasing, shaping, advanced spiking, and smoothing your final product.

Crafting Flowers with Wig Fibers

Sometimes artists get creative with hair in ways that only a wig can match, but what about when they go that extra mile and start making things out of the hair itself? Regan of Cowbutt Crunchies shows you how to create flower and leaf elements using wig wefts, foamwork, and glue methods.


cowbutt crunchies / scone


Drafting a Pattern that Fits

We come in all shapes and sizes, so why should we expect our patterns to match? Scone of Cowbutt Crunchies invites you to bring your measurements and walks you through drafting a shirt pattern.

Chainmail Mesh

Grab your plyers and a pile of rings, because Scone of Cowbutt Crunchies is going to help you knit your own chainmail mesh. Knitting has never been more metal!

Matching Wrist Bags

No pockets? No problem! Scone of Cowbutt Crunchies guides you through leveraging some of your extra costume fabric to craft a tiny wrist bag for carrying around cards, phones, and workshop tokens! Feel free to bring remnants from a current costume to make sure it matches your ensemble!


Jenny Barclay


Kanzashi: Ornate Flower Headpiece

Real flowers are nice, but they’re also fragile, limited in shape, and prone to entropy. Jenny Barclay will guide you in building flowers for an ornate geisha-styled headpiece and discuss how these techniques can be used to add the perfect floral details to your costumes and props.


Crafting Foam Feathers

Feathers are beautiful, but they are also fragile and don’t always come in that fantasy size or style. Learn how to make lovely feathers from foam, shape them to look more lifelike, and paint them to bring the entire look together. Whether it’s a full set of wings, or custom trim, Jenny Barclay will take you through the process of making feathers to suit your cosplay needs.


Unlike a puzzle, feathers don’t exactly slot together to suddenly make wings. Jenny Barclay acts as your guide and directs you step by step through connecting and texturing crafted feathers to make majestic wings.


Cardboard art: Crafting with Arby’s sandwich boxes

Believe it or not, Jenny Barclay’s day job involves leveraging hand-crafted nerdy art and sharing it on social media for a certain major food chain. Participants will get to follow along as Jenny walks them through making their own “trash art”. Don’t forget to tag @Cosplay_America if you post it to Twitter!




Forging Excalibur

Back by popular request, UbersCosplay will walk you through assembling the Fate franchise’s legendary Excalibur. Trust us; this is way faster than standing around a lake and hoping for the best.


Let’s Assemble a Gunpla!

You’ve seen mecha model kits at conventions and in stores, but have you ever actually put one together? UbersCosplay provides an introduction to Gunpla model kits and walks you through assembling your first not-so-giant robot. Feel free to bring your own!

Pepakura Gundam Helmets

Pepakura is the process of using paper to create 3D models using patterns. UbersCosplay will walk you through using a paper pattern to make your own Gundam helmet.