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june 12 - 14, 2020
embassy suites in
cary, north carolina

An East Coast

Join us for the first East Coast Convention dedicated to all aspects and genres of Cosplay! Our event unites a community of amazing and creative people. While celebrating the DIY attitude of cosplay, we create a space for sharing skills and knowledge of Cosplayers from around the world.


cosplay america’s mission

Cosplay America creates a space for cosplayers and cosplay enthusiasts to gather and learn. It is an educational event with a focus on providing opportunities for cosplayers to learn new techniques through various panels and workshops.

Our workshops are led by Cosplay experts who work with a variety of mediums. The workshops are made accessible to cosplayers of any level. Everyone has the opportunity to expand their skills and create a unique piece to take home.



Level-up your skills and experiment with new materials at our Premium Workshops. These unique workshops are taught by Cosplay experts from around the world. Learn more about their experiences and work at our Guest Panels and Demonstrations!



Come take a tea break at our Cosplay Cafe and share a table with our Cosplay Guests. Check out the Market Expo and Fan Panels. In the party spirit? Don't miss the Pajama Party and Mech Building Party! Find all the details on our Programming page.



Put your skills to the test at our Craftsmanship Contest and dress to impress at our Gala! Take photos in the Green Screen Photography area or the scenic places around the venue. There are tons of activities and events for you to enjoy during the con!


cosplay is a lifestyle.

a cycle of planning, gathering materials, problem solving, creating, and finishing right before the event. it’s a never-ending creative adventure.

It’s why we love it.


what kind of event is cosplay america?

We created a documentary about our event to give you an idea of our vision and the community that makes Cosplay America possible.

Below: Check out Teaser Trailers from all of our Cosplay America events! We try to capture all the fun and amazing cosplay we see throughout the convention!

2017 Teaser

2016 Teaser

2015 Teaser