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December is a Colorado-based cosplayer who envisions cosplay as an expression of her artistic craftsmanship. She seeks out characters to cosplay that challenge and develop her craft to a higher degree. With an emphasis on textiles, her most refined skills are silk-painting, dyeing, applique, leatherwork, draping and patterning.

December’s crafting method emphasizes quality and control throughout the creation process. She prefers to begin creating with raw materials, such as un-dyed silks, leather spits and soft woods. She drapes and drafts her own sewing patterns. December has enjoyed conducting cosplay panels at manyconventions in Colorado, and has won over 15 craftsmanship awards at cosplay competitions nationwide. When not crafting, she enjoys reading, spending time with her cat, and cooking.

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Alyson enjoyed dressing up and wearing costumes from a very early age, so her arrival in the cosplay spotlight was a foregone conclusion. While drawn to loner characters such as Gaara (Naruto), Vincent Valentine (Final Fantasy VII), and the Female Titan (Attack on Titan), Alyson showcases her remarkable range through deft portrayals of both the titular character Edward Scissorhands and the charismastic Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean). She's also a master of cosplay economics, budgeting $100 or less for each of her costumes and sticking to it with amazing results. Relying on her mother's sewing knowledge and a lifetime of self-learning through trial and error, Alyson encourages everyone to focus on having fun through every step of the creative process and enjoy every moment in the finished product.

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Enayla is a cosplayer, armorsmith, and prop maker based in Washington state.  Inspired by the lavish costumes at a local comic con, she bought a garage-sale sewing machine and taught herself the basics.  Nine years later, she actively works with fabric, foam, feathers, thermoplastics, resin, and a host of other materials— whatever will get the job done!  In that time, she has been featured by a wide variety of publications, hosted panels on various aspects of cosplay, and judged competitions both locally and internationally.  Specializing in costumes with meticulous detail, massive scale, and complex engineering, she is always looking for ways to expand her skills and challenge reality.  When not working on a project, she is active in sharing techniques, ideas, and encouragement with the cosplay community.  She is constantly inspired by the work of others, and is excited to see what attendees bring to Cosplay America 2017!

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Jennifer "Jenny" Barclay is an award winning artist who fears no medium. Her vast background has given her a wide range of skills including traditional illustration, digital art, animation and, of course, cosplay.

Jenny thrives on challenges, especially those that others believe is impossible. She is a professional Creative Director at the digital media company Moxie and her work has been shown internationally. Despite all she does, when Jenny finds some free time, she prefers to spend it with a controller in hand while hosting the gaming web show Backward Compatible.

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Pixelette Photography - Alice, David Bowie, Riven, Vi, Zelda
Benny Lee Photography - Sleeping Beauty
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Laura is a cosplayer currently residing in Denver, Colorado. She has been an artist since a young age and has continued to grow the breadth and depth of her skills her whole life. Using the skills she learned from her seamstress mother and sculptor grandmother, Laura began constructing costumes in college starting with a cougar mascot for her school juggling club. Since then she has expanded her repertoire by creating fursuits and cosplays. In recent years her focus has been on creating creature cosplay projects with a focus on hiding the human form. She has received multiple runner up awards at BlizzCon as well as being recognized at DragonCon and other conventions with awards. Laura believes that cosplay is the most fun when you can embrace your inner beast and become the creature you are trying to portray.

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Reika began her crafting path in elementary school where she made felt badges, cultivating early talents that would eventually lead her to craft her first costume: Okita Souji from Rurouni Kenshin. Since then, she's brought many of her favorite characters to life, even if they are male. Her favorite costume accomplishment to date is Origami Cyclone (Tiger & Bunny). She's become quite good at creating her own clothing patterns and she's learned many things attending Cosplay America alumnus Goldy's cosplay and prop-making classes. When taking on characters with large props or intricate masks, she develops the props and most difficult elements first to make sure she doesn't run out of time and rush the parts that need the most attention. If you'd like to learn more about traditional outfits, Reika recommends visiting historic clothing exhibitions and museums. At the end of the day, Reika believes there's no greater reason to cosplay than to take on characters you love.

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