the MARKET EXPO / Booth details & Information


10' X 10' SPACE

No Pipe and Drape or Dividers
( Booths are Free-Standing )

6' x 2.5' space

Includes 1 Table and 2 Chairs
( All Storage Must Fit Below the Table and Displays Must Fit Above the Table )


Your Space Includes 2 Weekend Badges to Cosplay America


Includes 1 Table and 2 Chairs
( Request Additional Chairs Upon Arrival )


$150 - $350 - Pricing is Based on Prime Locations / Space Size / Obstructions

Add-on tables

For Booths Only / Add-On for $20

ALL chosen VENDORS, Please print and bring the signed contract to check-in at the market EXPO



step 1 : vendor registration

The first step is applying to the Market Expo!
Without registration, we cannot guarantee a space for you in the Market Expo.


step 2 : Space selection and payment

Once vendor registration has been completed, you will receive an email notification notifying you of your application acceptance status.
Further instructions will be included in this email.