tae yeon

Tae Yeon began cosplaying as a social hobby and ultimately found her true passion in competitive cosplay. She has competed in stage performances and contests around the world. Tae Yeon represented Korea in the 2012 World Cosplay Summit and found her dedication to cosplay growing with every challenge.

When it comes to selecting characters to cosplay, Tae Yeon follows her heart. She reimagines youthful and cute variants of characters she loves if her stature doesn't fit with the common portrayal of a character. Her material of choice is EVA foam for building large props and mech costumes. Some of her favorite costumes have been God Keron Mk. II (Sgt. Frog) and Pohwaran (Blade and Soul).

If given the chance, she would love to travel the world and match her cosplay to the location she is visiting; Sakura (Card Captor Sakura) at Tokyo Tower or Ciel (Black Butler) at a castle in the UK. Her advice to new cosplayers is to just jump in without putting too much emphasis on perfection; just do what you can, keep going and improve each time.

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December Cosplay

December is a Colorado-based cosplayer who envisions cosplay as an expression of her artistic craftsmanship. She seeks out characters to cosplay that challenge and develop her craft to a higher degree. With an emphasis on textiles, her most refined skills are silk-painting, dyeing, applique, leatherwork, draping and patterning.

December’s crafting method emphasizes quality and control throughout the creation process. She prefers to begin creating with raw materials, such as un-dyed silks, leather spits and soft woods. She drapes and drafts her own sewing patterns. December has enjoyed conducting cosplay panels at many conventions in Colorado, and has won over 15 craftsmanship awards at cosplay competitions nationwide. When not crafting, she enjoys reading, spending time with her cat, and cooking.

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2018 WorkshopFabric Painting

What do you do when you can’t find the right plaids or flowery prints for your cosplay? This workshop places the brush in your hand and walks you through the basics of fabric painting.