Jennifer "Jenny" Barclay is an award winning artist who fears no medium. Her vast background has given her a wide range of skills including traditional illustration, digital art, animation and, of course, cosplay.

Jenny thrives on challenges, especially those that others believe is impossible. She is a professional Creative Director at the digital media company Moxie and her work has been shown internationally. Despite all she does, when Jenny finds some free time, she prefers to spend it with a controller in hand while hosting the gaming web show Backward Compatible.

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Photo Credits:
Anna Fischer - Cammy, Mass Effect, Persona 4
Danny Hong - Little Sister
Joseph Chi Lin - Riven, Jinx
Pixelette Photography - Vi

ubers cosplay

UbersCosplay took his first steps into the cockpit when he experienced the epiphany that Gunpla models could be scaled up to human size and adapted for wearing. Blending the practical concerns of mobility and heat control with prop crafting talent and careful attention to detail, UbersCosplay crafted many of his favorite mecha, including GaoGaiGar (King of Braves: GaoGaiGar), Alt Eisen (Super Robot Wars), and Wing Zero (Gundam Wing). Outside the pilot seat, UbersCosplay crafts impressive props ranging from Fate/Stay Nights’ Excalibur to a drivable miniature WWII tank.

His hard work has paid off at events from Mexico to Switzerland where he’s been featured as a guest, judge, panelist, and award-winning contestant. He encourages anyone interested in costume and prop crafting is to dive in head first, as practical experience and learning from mistakes is the best way to grow and enjoy cosplay.

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Cowbutt crunchies

Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay is a Boston-based duo who dabbles in an ever-expanding range of techniques as they create cosplays that are both intricately detailed and impossibly over the top.  They believe that the best cosplays come with both a challenge and a learning opportunity, and they are constantly adding new skills to their repertoire. 

Many of their cosplays have a strong emphasis on clean sewing and patterning techniques. However, they’re also known for extreme wig working, intricate armor, corsetry, electronics, and prosthetics.  Their favorite cosplays are ones that combine multiple skill sets, and they will often create original designs in order to showcase these large, detailed projects. 

Despite cosplaying for over fifteen years, they are constantly learning new techniques and tricks, and they’re passionate about giving that knowledge back to the cosplay community in the form of tutorials and advice.

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